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I’ve been banging on for a while now,

that when you boil education down, the residue left in the bottom of the crucible is student progress: it’s the only thing that matters.

Now I have a hunch that

  • for all the words
  • all the statistics
  • the quality of teaching
  • the school infrastructure or equipment
  • all the latest gizmos and
  • this week’s teaching fad

won’t figure anywhere near the top of the list of things that prevent progress.  Because it’s ALL about the young person.

  • are they interested in the material they need to study?
  • do they understand why they’re studying something?
  • is what they’re doing outside school more exciting?
  • puberty
  • family break-ups or relationship problems
  • can they see a horizon of possibility?
  • do they actually believe that they’re good at something?

Finding where a student is at, is more than just assessing what they know or what they can do.