County Proportional Representation

The headline today was all about changing the boundaries to make the number of voters in each constituency more even – a laudable enough aim, and reducing the number of MPs – which probably isn’t.

But if better representation is the goal, then reform should be bottom up:

CPRParishioners ought to elect willing Parish Councillors to be seconded as District representatives then, likewise, elect County Councillors from willing District Councillors.

We already have accurate population census numbers for each County. That could be divided by, say, 100,000 (rounded to the nearest number), to give the number of representatives for each County.

That number of MPs would then be elected – by constituents across the county – from a list of County Councillors willing to become MPs.

Seems to me that this would have several advantages:

  • Councillors would have to demonstrate their effectiveness,  in order to prove worthy of ‘promotion’ to the next level
  • Thus they would retain an interest and involvement in local issues and
  • Communication between the levels of governance would improve.

Once parliament is elected, the Head of State would appoint the Prime Minister (from the pool of MPs) based on merit, and subject to the approval of parliament. The Prime Minister would then form the government from the constituency of MPs: specialists in each field to head the Select Committees.

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