Here, there and everywhere

One of the most visible differences between maintained schools and (frequently) independent and international schools is divisions.

State schools have experimented with infant and junior or primary; secondary with and without VIth forms; and junior, middle and high schools.  Meanwhile, oftentimes, the private system has taken all-comers, albeit in a well-segregated way.

Does it make any difference?

What’s the psychological effect of being at the top of the school?  Or going up to ‘big school’ in September?

Is it wasted time to have to learn new rules, or having to find out where everything is and who everyone is?  And is there curriculum overlap between the two (or more) institutions?

Is it a good thing or not suddenly to have to mix with loads of new people?  Is it boring to be in the same place for 13 years? Which system engenders a better sense of community? Which forges better friendships?  Which helps the student make new friends?

What about staff specialisms? Is it more costly to staff a 5 -18 school, or is that dependent on the number of students attending?

Surely the question hasn’t been answered conclusively, otherwise there would be a norm.

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