Stop Press!

I’m not diametrically opposed to a Government initiative!  I know!  I must be coming down with something!

The A14 is one of the country’s most dangerous roads – it seems like hardly a day goes by without there being an accident.

There’re probably two reasons for this –

  • dangerously bad road layouts; specifically junctions and
  • the volume of traffic; and particularly the number of HGVs.

So it was hardly surprising that it’s towards the top of the list for road improvements,  and not surprising at all to hear it named in association with the idea of a toll.

Now whilst I’m not in favour of a two-tiered road infrastructure – all vehicle owners pay (a graduated) Vehicle Excise Duty* (or Road Tax as it used to be called),  and if it doesn’t raise enough revenue to cover road improvement (which I doubt) then it should be raised until it does.  But,  it seems to me that the second problem could be alleviated by getting the vast majority of the containers (with or without their lorries) off the road between the port and Peterborough, and onto the railway.  As a way of encouraging this, perhaps there could be a toll gate at the port, the proceeds of which could subsidise the cost of the rail link.

Just a thought.

* Actually I’d like to see the VED abolished and fuel duty increased proportionally, but that’s a different argument.


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