12 Volt Circuit

I dunno why we’re addicted to Power at 240 Volts.

So okay,  the oven needs it.  So does the iron,  the kettle and the washing machine – oh,  the things in the kitchen.  Well that’s fine.  A 12-240V inverter circuit for the kitchen then.

But the hifi,  the tele.,  the laptop,  the lights – they could all use 12V DC circuits.  Indeed LED light bulbs give a much nicer quality of light than Energy Saving ones anyway – and there’s not the (hushed-up) problem of the use and then disposal of the mercury…  So why isn’t a 12V circuit wired as standard in New Builds?

And why oh why do we persist with the huge resistor that is the National Grid – which loses 10% of the power it transfers?  Not to mention the effects of large amounts of magnetism on the health of those that live close to them,  or the eyesore they are on the landscape.

I s’pose I’m talking about local generation,  which is a hot topic (given the government’s financial incentives to generate your own).  And I’ve got more than a 2-word vocabulary – wind turbines – though I do find their kinetic aesthetic beautiful.

But however it’s done – water / wind turbines, solar cell, anaerobic digester – the stuff we generate ought to charge batteries and be used in the locality.


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