What do I need another one for?

It really is becoming harder to tell left from right (I’ve always had that problem, actually).  Perhaps it’s the occupancy of the middle ground that results in the lack of “clear blue water”.  With Ken Clarke actually talking sense over sentencing rather than the more usual right of centre “Lock ’em up and throw away the key” phrases (and somewhat in contrast to Jack Straw, actually) it’s hard to tell!

But I thought the Conservatives didn’t like the idea of I.D. cards?!  And I’m almost sure the Liberal Democrats shouldn’t!?  So why’s the Daily Telegraph saying that they’re planning to introduce them?

Ah, but p’r’aps it’s all right, since it’s now going to be privatised!  I hadn’t realised that that was the only problem with the idea!  (please refer to my thoughts re. the NHS database)

We’ve already got an I.D. card.  It’s got our photo on it, our contact details, our DoB and even our signature!  It’s numbered (the first one I had had a memorable number – shame they’re not transferable). It’s even got a security chip in (though what that holds I don’t know) such that they let us through the barriers when we travel to the States.  It’s called a Passport.

& we’ve had to buy them for years. :/


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