Pip n Chin

The NHS National Database. Well it’s not going to work, is it?! Any eejit could’ve told them that it was a tad ambitious (and a waste of good tax-payer’s… taxes) And the general populous with an ounce of brainpower was never going to rest easy that the information kept there was safe from the prying eyes of those who’d like to get hold of it – insurance companies, newspapers, blackmailers, murderers etc., etc..

But I think I’ve got a solution! 😉

And it’s not very expensive either.

And the technology’s already there which has a) been proven to work and b) proven to be secure enough.

Okay. So it’d be good in this day-and-age to have our records saved on a computer so that they can be accessed quickly and efficiently, right? We can all agree about that. We just don’t want it to be shared. Fine. So what about storing our personal record on the equivalent of a bank card, as a back up copy of the record that’s on our GP’s non-internet-connected computer? The GP/Specialist/surgeon all have a card reader attached to the computer. Then, whenever we go in to the GP/Specialist/surgeon we simply slip in the card and press our 4 digit code, and bob’s your uncle, they can read and update the information. In case of emergency, our NHS or NI number will be on the front, and A&E can liaise with the practice.

Seems obvious to me.


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